Design process, optional categories

We provide our customers with a meter based pricing option (see the Small and Large Design packages below). These prices are calculated to include all of the services described in the packages. Frequently, our customers do not require all of the package services, in which case, they receive a fee reduction.

On-site evaluation

discussion of required services, price offer

Floor Plan Package

Spatial organization or transformation focused on optimizing functionality.
  • 1st appointment: assessing customer needs and measuring for base plan
  • 2nd appointment: presenting and discussing two sketch plan options
  • 3rd appointment: delivering a furnished, final layout

Atmosphere Package

Improve the feel of the home by harmonizing new accessories, colors, and materials.
  • 1st appointment: assessment of customer needs.
  • 2nd appointment: recommendations from catalogues and material samples for wall colors, floorings, wallpaper, tapestries, and furniture upholstery. Recommendations for decorative items, pictures, paintings, and art objects (from catalogues or stores).

On-Site Consultation

Advice about interior design.
layout redesign (room conversions), real estate selling (value maximization), real estate buying (fault analysis), furnishing advice, reconstruction, color consultation, lighting and flooring improvements, atmosphere enhancement (wall paper, tapestries, and other decorations), upholstery recommendations

Large Design Package

Focus on plan creation and implementation.


Additional Services


pricing depends on customer requirements

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