I was at a very difficult period in my life, and after talking with my acquaintance, I came to the decision that it would be a nice idea to start a new stage in my life with a home renovation assisted by someone providing me with good design advice. So, I contacted not only Angelika but other home designers as well. Based on my conversations with the designers and their price offers, I decided to choose Angelika.

My choice proved to be an excellent decision. Although I was strongly attracted to the minimalist style, my age and past family experiences created some uncertainty for me. From our very first meeting, Angelika had identified these concerns in me and understood how to help me make a decision.
Angelika’s approach was to always outline several options, describing their advantages and disadvantages, but she never pushed me towards any option. In essence, she gave me the freedom to make my only choices, while keeping me focused on the options that best fit my style. This approach resulted in a harmonious, clean image.

Before the renovation, I was especially interested in the selection of home lighting and the matching colors. Angelika provided several prudent solutions that took into account my wishes. Since then, all of my friends have complimented the charming light variations, and some of them have already used her ideas in their own renovations.

During the renovation phase, Angelika confidently directed the professionals and helped them understand solutions to problems that she had experienced in other projects. Angelika’s work also involved the acquisition of objects, equipment, providing useful information in respect of purchases and pricing. From her assistance, I was able to save a lot of time as well as avoid unnecessary, costly purchases. This proved to be important in the sense that we were able to meet the deadlines with amazing precision, and during the renovation, she could help me with communicating with contractors, even outside of her normal working hours.

I believe that the ability to provide such a very personal type of customer experience requires a significant level of emotional intelligence. Angelika demonstrated her abilities with her listening skills and ability to immediately react to my thoughts. So I can say: our relationship was very pleasant as well as both professional and personal. The result speaks for itself. I managed to create a home in which I feel good and comfortable with a harmonious overall impression. This environment is a part of my daily life, I hope to enjoy it for a long time and I am very thankful to Angelika, who played no small part in helping me achieve this.”