"Almost four years have passed, but we finally started the second, that is the design, phase. Although our heads were filled with ideas, we needed someone to shape them into a feasible form. Knowing that we have a very different way of thinking, and that we had collected an incredible amount of ideas over four years, we decided to turn to a professional designer, Angelika Muhly, who was the Young Interior Designer of the year in 2011.

Now, for the first time, I have seen such a creative process up close, and I am enchanted.

We sat together twice already and it was amazing. On the first occasion, both my partner and I would each talk about what we are thinking and what words describe our ideas. Then we examined our “Mood Board” to see what ideas we both share and like, in order to see what we can use. Plus, we gave Angelika photos of our ideas.

At the second meeting, Aneligka mainly talked, showed us concepts, and asked us pointed questions. She showed us images that she had collected based on our previous discussions, and then we discussed who likes what as well as which directions we can go in. If all goes well, next week she will already have prepared plans that incorporate our ideas and help us turn our dreams to reality.

I don’t want to tell you exactly what we said to Angelika, but rather I would prefer that you experience it at the restaurant, and see that every evening we will be not only in the restaurant but also in its design as well.”